Perfuming Intentions

Scent is the doorway to your intuition and the key to your future  ~Shevah Pinkus

A 7 Sensory Approach to attracting the life you love.

 Founder of Perfuming Intentions, Shevah Pinkus, has originated a unique personalized aromatic and sensory experience for clients to create a “Visionboard for your Nose”.

This innovative process has helped many clients “sabotage-proof” their vision and has given them the greatest opportunity to feel self-trust, momentum and accomplishment.

Shevah would love to create a one of a kind bespoke perfume for your special occasion, goal, dream, vision or event with the highest percentage of natural and sustainable ingredients available. 

Clients have admired that Shevah is more than a perfumer.  She is also a wise herbalist, talented artist and empathic coach who extracts rich narratives and distills dreams into a slowly unfolding aromatic story.  When clients choose the Perfuming Intentions Package, they are elevating their exquisite perfume into a powerful focusing tool of intention and manifestation.


Holiday Gift Collection

Check out some very limited time offerings for the most artful, unique and scentsational gifts this year.


Signature Services

Aroma Reading with 4ml Perfume